Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Spa Treatment

The beautiful and charming Susan sent me this photo of Ali getting worked over in physical therapy with "Spa Treatment" in the email's subject line. I don't know what you think, but if you ask me, there is a serious look of contentment on that little baby's face. That expression says, "Don't stop. I'm doing my job, now you just keep doing yours."

So this will be what Ali does over the next few days. She'll get massaged by pretty nurses and have her muscles worked on. Something you can all can pray about is Ali's muscles and joints responding to this therapy. At the end of last week, we were concerned that Ali might have to wear splints on her arms for awhile because her she kept them tense and close to her side; she wasn't bending her arms at the elbows. Over the weekend, she loosened her arms up considerably and is moving them and relaxing them, but the concern, now, is her little thumbs. While Ali was in a coma, her hands were balled into little fists the whole time. She is stretching out her fingers, now, but she isn't wiggling her thumbs. So that's an area where Ali's joints need to start working.

Ali kicks her left leg quite a bit. She turns her head some. Her brain sustained pretty serious damage and as it heals, she'll gain back more and more mobility. Our Creator has designed little Ali delicately and wonderfully. Pray for Ali with us as the nervous system He crafted repairs.

As I said in yesterday's post, I've been consoled by reading through the Psalms. I'm reading through the Psalms of Affliction (Psalms 6; 13; 22; 69; 88; & 102). A theme I've noticed that is consistent throughout these chapters and verses is a sense of being forsaken; abandonment. As I read through Psalm 22 this morning, I praised God because I have not known the abandonment described in the chapter's opening verses. There is a sense of aloneness because my family has been wrenched from a familiar routine. But abandonment I've not known.

I am constantly aware of God's presence through His Spirit and through the encouragement and love that flows from the Body of Christ. Your phone calls, emails, and comments on this blog lift my spirits daily through out each day as each one comes in. I'll never be able to adequately express how grateful I am for that. But I know the Lord will remember and reward each one of you for the kindness shown to my family. You are laying up riches for yourselves that will never see corruption or decay.

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Still praying for Ali.