Monday, December 16, 2013

Ready for Christmas

This is Allie's eighth Christmas. She's come so far in the past few years — further than anyone ever thought she would. We're so proud of her and so blessed by her company. Blessed.

It says "Ready for Christmas" across the top of this picture. I shot this over a festive but fake poinsettia and Allie is surrounded by Christmas stockings tacked up all around. The one closest to her has Elmo popping out of it. The stocking next to Elmo is mine. I've had it since I was two or three years old. 

Our Christmas tree is out of the shot. Every morning when I get Allie out of bed, we walk out of the bedroom and switch the Christmas tree lights on while the living room is still dark. Allie gets so excited. This year is the second year we've done it this way. I can see this becoming a tradition for many years to come. We're not sure how much about this season Allie grasps, but we definitely want to do something different this time of year to help her set it apart from the rest of the year.

I miss my other two kids terribly. Last year was the first year we didn't have them here. Both Charity and Aaron have their own lives going on in very different parts of the country. Life has us apart for now. Hopefully, it will only be a short time before we are able to all be together again for Christmas.

Enjoy what you have this season. No matter what your circumstances are, do good.