Monday, May 14, 2007

loving arms x 3 = a whole lotta love

Ali is being held by three sets of loving arms. What better place is there to be when you're trying to get better?

My sister drove down to San Francisco from our home town of Eureka, CA, Saturday night to be with Susan (pictured left), and Yolanda, Ali's paternal grandmother, arrived to be with Ali as well (pictured right).
Being passed from grandma to aunt to grandma to nurse to grandma to aunt to grandma to mommy has got to be one of the comfiest places on the planet for babies to heal. I could use a place like that to hang out when I need some comforting.

Ali has her eyes open quite a bit. She has a hard time moving her muscles so she needs a lot of help to get comfortable,but the cool thing is she's letting everyone know she's uncomfortable by crying. Before you know it, she'll learn she can get all three of these ladies jumping by making little peeps and cries.

Yesterday, for the first time Susan says, Ali is moving her head a little. And she's
still trying to get her thumb in her mouth. She's tenacious and stubborn, that little one. Ad I don't think she's going to learn to be less stubborn in that hospital room full of those ladies.

Today, if things go as planned, Ali will begin physical therapy and speech therapy.
We all understand why she needs physical therapy, but why would an eleven month old need speech therapy? Well, she needs to re-learn to make those muscles in her little mouth work.

So, still, I'm amazed by her progress. While Ali rests in the arms of her grandmothers, aunt, and momma, this whole situation rests in the loving arms of our Father.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful News!! That determined spirit God gave her is serving her well! Thank you for fueling our faith and prayers with updates! It's great to have specific things to pray for. We are praying she takes a bottle this week. I am sure we will see more incredible strides as God uses the talents of the therapists to accomplish His work!
Continuing to Pray....
The Scott Family