Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Update from SFO

I'm in San Fransisco. I was with Ali and Charity today. I spent about three hours at Ali's side this afternoon after I arrived. She is in a coma.

I spoke at length with the medical team that is caring for her. I feel like they are handpicked by the Lord to care for my granddaughter. Ali has a breathing tube in her mouth to help her breathe. She is taking about six breaths a minute on her own and needs the help of the machine to get all the oxygen she needs. She is responding to the breathing tube with gag reflex and little coughs. This is good. Her little arms move, also. I talk to her and sing to her the songs I've sung since she was an infant living in our house. I'm confident she hears me and takes comfort in my off key songs.

My friend Kathy, whose a nurse and very close friend of the family, had the chance to speak to the nurse caring for Ali. It was a good conversation.

Here's the bottom line: Ali needs to do her part. Pray that the Lord would strengthen her to do her part and get better.

Thank you so much, my friends, for your prayers and moral support. I am blessed by the friendship shown me through comments left, phone calls, emails, and prayers. This is an incredible ordeal and I'm thankful that I'm not shouldering the load on my own.

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