Thursday, June 06, 2013

Our Recent Stay at Miami Children’s Hospital

We were at Miami Children's Hospital earlier this week to have a thorough MRI and video EEG. The goal was to capture good data about the seizures Allie has been having for the past few years.

Here are some findings.
Allie is having tonic seizures. Her seizures originate in her brain's right frontal lobe. Doctors arrived at this conclusion with data gathered from the MRI as well as analysis of video EEG information captured during two strong seizures Tuesday morning.

The original plan for our hospital stay was to be admitted from Monday through Friday of this week. But doctors on Allie’s case were able to collect all the data they needed on Monday and Tuesday to accurately diagnose and categorize Allie’s seizures.

We got to go home early and checked out Wednesday at noon.

Miami Children’s stands head and shoulders above the other Florida hospitals we’ve stayed in for these reasons:

  • They put the patients and their families first in each and every interaction. It’s obvious that this is a part of the corporate culture.
  • They are organized.
  • There is always a plan and they plan for adjustments to the plan.

When families are dealing with trauma and hardships with their children, these three things lighten the load. In fact, this demonstrates a cognizant effort on the hospital’s part to help shoulder the burden. This has tremendous therapeutic and healing affect on a family working through some of life’s most difficult trials – that is, children afflicted with sickness, disabilities, or injuries.