Sunday, February 05, 2012

Sunday Morning Swing

Allie has had a snot nose the past couple of days so we decided to stay home this morning from church. She wasn't too sick to not play, do we walked a quarter mile to the park to play on the swing.

On the way to the park, we chatted up Beezy the retired mounted policeman. Beezy became our friend the day he spotted Allie and I walking in front of his house and rushed out to give Allie a giant teddy bear. This is the perfect way to gain us as friends.

When we got home, we jumped online to catch the church service we were missing. Allie loves to listen to the music from church. After that, we took a nap. Allie's sleeping now.

Friday, February 03, 2012

My girls

This is part of the new routine around our house; Allie standing in this contraption. Daily she stands in a piece of equipment like this to help strengthen her legs and hip joints.
Here’s some school progress news: She knows the letter “A” and identifies it through speech. She also recognizes her name and can pick her picture out of a line up. We are so grateful for her teachers and the staff at Bright Horizons School in Pompano Beach. They see clues and cues and potential we’ve never picked up on. I thank God for their experience and passion for identifying and bringing out the best in Allie.
Charity is living back at home. This is so huge for us. She has been an incredible help around the house and with Allie. You don’t even know. In the picture above, Charity is putting on a show at SPoT Coffee in Delray Beach. She brought in a crowd that filled the store and the sidewalk outside. The crowd was energized by her original songs, folk-punk vibe, and beauty.
She hit the ground running. In a month she’s gotten herself a job, a car, and several invitations to play in venues around Palm Beach County. Her talent and work ethic are not a passing fad; they’re character traits that run deep.
My kids bless me. Can you tell?