Thursday, March 27, 2008

Allie and Susan this morning

Allie is doing so much new stuff. She's been off her seizure medicine for about a month and its unbelievable how much more alert she is. She plays all these fun games with us where she yells "hey!" waits for one of us to answer "hey!" back. She answers back even louder while squeezing her eyes shut, and it continues back and forth like that for as long as the grown-up can keep up. It's too cute.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Blind Babies

Yesterday we had a great meeting with the folks from Blind Babies Foundation. In case you don't know, Allie is legally blind due to her non-accidental head injury. She is working through the effects of optic atrophy and cortical visual impairment.

These folks were incredibly encouraging. They commended Allie's problem solving skills and they want us to start teaching as if she can see, not as if she can't see. They also gave us some tips about how to teach her. It isn't that she doesn't see at all, it may just take longer for her brain to process what she sees. Things may have to be held in her field of sight for longer periods of time so her brain can process what is in front of her eyes.

Here is how we know that physical therapy is done for the day.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Allie Outing

Allie is definitely feeling better. It's amazing how this little person dictates the mood of the moment with her little teeny tiny disposition.

Pictured above is Allie in her favorite swing at Sequoia Park. One cool thing about Eureka: it has a bunch of really neat neighborhood parks. There are two or three that I can think of within a mile from my house. And they have these little bucket swings that work perfectly for Allie.

She's really losing her baby-ness. She looks less like a baby everyday and more like a little human. Babies, for some reason, don't look like people to me - they're too cute. But now that Allie is getting older and growing some attitude, she seems more like a little human. A cute little human.

She's playing with me here, this little human. She knows I want her to look toward me, but she's being defiant. She thinks it's funny to be defiant.

Dig the sweet leopard print on those pantalones. Those came from Allie's fashion forward Grandma Yolanda down in Florida. Her green hoodie doesn't exactly match. That was picked out by her constantly clashing Pop-pop (i.e., the author of this blog).

Thanks for all your prayers, again you all. They've had an immediate effect.